YIAA History


Young Inventors Association of America (YIAA) is a non-profit organization founded in 2002 to provide opportunities and mentors that promotes the growth and success of young inventors around the world. 

YIS History


For over 30 years, the Young Inventors Showcase (YIS) has been held each year to find, celebrate, and support the inventions of our children. 

The showcase was established with the intention to foster public and private partnerships that would ultimately fund the most commercially viable inventions.

The Future


YIAA is excited to announce the creation of a new mentor program aimed to support inventions move from just an idea to ready-for-market.  We are working with patent and trademark lawyers, social media leaders, marketing agents, and other professionals to develop tracks for parents and children to take their ideas to the next level.


Greg Micek

Greg Micek


Greg Micek founded  YIAA  in 2002 to support the Young Inventors Showcase that was started in 1988 by the Houston Inventor's Association which was also founded by Greg in 1983.

Max Martin

Max Martin


Max Martin has been working in tandem with Greg Micek since 2015 to help keep the Young Inventors Showcase evolving and gaining new participants.

Natalie C. Pumphrey

Natalie Pumphrey


Natalie Pumphrey joined YIAA in August 2019 to spearhead an expansion of YIAA and its programs.